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I have not written in a while, but I feel it is time to start again. I have never been, nor ever will be as eloquent as C.S. Lewis, George Washington or Billy Graham. So bare with me. 
During my time at Northwestern I have lived in a bit of a dream state. A small, close knit community in a beautiful campus surrounded by ancient architecture and nature. We walk to class,  have very few fears, and stay up late by the fireplace discussing everything from missing socks to Sanctification. There are daiy chapels in which we can have a small portion of our day to relax, be near others, and listen to God’s unending grace. You can ususally tell if someone belongs here or not, if they are new, transfer or visiting. People get drug through the student center re-enacting scenees from Mont Python. And to top it all off we have an island. Who can beat that?

That all being said, I hate graduating. I have a rather large fear and disdain for what people say is ‘the real world’. I do not like the fact that my dear friends are no longer a close walk away. I love my job, but I miss walking to work. I miss seeing familliar faces 24/7, and the random rompings that followed our get togethers. The community that was based on solely community, unity, and Christ. But as I order my cap and gown I cannot help but feel I am leaving Narnia for a war stricken London. 

Now, enough with the complaining and let me illuminate why I am writing. Notice I chose a place wherein the story both places were of equal reality. College is as much the real world as working is. Otherwise there would be no point in going. But I am being kept awake at night by the single question of: why can’t we have community in the real world the same as in college? What is more, how can we recreate it? 

As for myself, I am sorely tempted to purchase a chunk of land and create what in Israel they call a Kubitz, what America thinks is a gated community. I am haunted by stories of such havens that seem much like Narnia to the Pevensies. Real, tangible, working- but unable to get there. Most say that is all that community is, stories you read about. 

Here, let me give you a detailed draft of my vision: A  town where people are not afraid to go outside, where walking and biking are the key transportations. A community that people are active in eachothers lives and whose homes are right down the street. A place where the main law of the land is, in fact, the Bible (don’t call me a bigot unless you have read it for yourself, even aithests agree most of societies laws come from within its pages). Where police know and take their job seriously, where others take the police seriously. Doesnt mean we always agree, that everyone is perfect. A slower pace of life is known, one that makes you savor the days at home and where contentment naturally grows. Every morning there is a get together to hear from the Word, to pray and confess in earnest before the hard labor of the day sets in. Where children know everyone from the mailman to the quirky arist whose last name starts with an A and is marrid to a curly blond preacher. Where crime does not happen because people know eachother, have honor and respect and know what it means to be disiplined. Faint catches of the smell of laundry being hung out to dry and fresh baked bread. Hymns being sung, community balls where people actually know how to dance and  it does not look like a full body seizure. And of course, tons of good archituture. 

I know I am not alone in this, who else has this common dream? 


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