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Ok, I admit it! I am addicted to pintrest! There I said it, whew!
I love the ideas of things, and that’s ok. I am an artist, a dreamer and a girl. But there are some very dangerous things with this and many other things from our culture. How this came about was a discussion with Chris and working with pre-teen girls.
I have a habit of saying “I really like the idea of ____” and when pointed out, I really like the end product of things, but not so much the time it takes to develop it. May it be a skill, relationship or hobby. Then I got to thinking, my first thought was T-Swift songs. How many girls jump up and down to her songs longing to have what they think the catchy lyrics are singing about, but in reality hardly any take the time to develop a relationship like that? Or who would honestly want a guy who is about to marry another girl and stand up at the ceremony to object? Not any that I know of. Personally if a guy did that I wouldn’t trust him, much less want him. But that is another subject entirely. The spineless jellyfish!

Let us take Disney’s ‘Tangled’ for an example, I like this movie a lot so do not think I am some crazy anti-disney fanatic. But the movie starts out with her being this wonderful girl who has all these different skills and fabulous long blonde hair. She falls in love with this guy and they live happily ever after. And girls think that if they look like her they will have that. Isn’t that the reason we buy products? Is because of the end result behind them. But here’s the catch, it took her years and years to get to where she was at! And she’s not even real! But It takes a long time to be able to do chores and all her multiple other hobbies efficiently. Not to mention her characteristics of being kind, patient and helpful. It takes a long time to want to be those with a ton of self discipline.

¬†Think about it. Our culture is addicted to the end goal, the ideas of things. It is what Disney movies are about, chic flicks, commercials, tumbler, pintrest, pop songs… the list could go on. Where I got called out on this was the idea of becoming a coupon queen. You know, those women who spend only 5 dollars for bags and bags full of groceries? I would love to be able to save and spend my money on something else. But here’s the catch, I would hate spending hours pouring over coupons, cutting them out, hunting down that exact thing in the store (though the thrill of the hunt is wonderful, just not for each thing). I go stir crazy and slightly nauseous just thinking about it.

The reason I write about the addiction to ideas is that it is causing MAJOR damage to our society. Because ideas without legit work are nothing more than unreasonable hopes. Movies end just as the relationship is starting out, commercials end with happiness and success and T-Swift either gets revenge or the guy. Now here’s the killer- we compare. We compare our lives to these things that have been scripted, edited and directed or maybe photographed if we are talking about online stuff. Then we find dissatisfaction in our lives because it doesn’t match the feelings we got from this illusion. We are now successfully addicted to the feelings the ideas give us and compare real life to them. Tell me that isn’t wrong?

There is a major difference from living things to seeing them, the emotions and results are not the same. We need to recognize this and live our lives rather than see/hear/pin them. And I speak to myself as well. We have to recognize fake from real life and learn to experience things for ourselves. That is NOT to say ban all these things and label them sinful. But take captive every thought, desire and wish and say “is this legit?” and if it isn’t, what are we doing wasting our time with it?


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