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So I have been thinking a ton lately, and it has been a real journey.
Today I have been thinking about Community. What happened to it? It was there when our parents went to school and our grand parents and so forth back. I heard a shuttering fact today that my generation is the most dysfunctional in regards to relationships… ever. Why? Because we spend more time with the TV than we do with our families and we spend more time online and texting than we do actually meeting our friends places. And if we do get together what do we do? We surf the net, text other people, or watch TV! HOW LAME IS THAT?

Our generation does not know how to think because we’d rather watch a movie then be “bored” contemplating “foolish”, “childish” or “boring” things! Things that really are important, relevant, and grown up. Like politics. Whoa, now there’s a bomb waiting to explode. Yes our vote does matter, yes we can make a difference. That is why we should care. I remember walking down the halls of my high school and one girl talking to her friend ahead of me saying how we can’t make a difference so why should we care. Plus it didn’t affect her so double why? Wow, way to be less than mediocre.

I’m not so sure about you, but I like to be informed. I like having and discovering my own thoughts rather than being spoon fed. And yes, I may be just your typical college girl who is a part time artist, book worm and helper at her church. But the moment I tell myself I cannot make a difference I will have shot myself in the foot. Don’t tell yourself that you can’t make a difference, because you can. You are already. You make differences in the world everyday. Whether they are a good difference or a bad difference is another matter entirely. When that girl in my class said that that made a bad difference. I still get rather mad thinking back. Not caring about the world because its too much work is a bad difference and is what is driving this country down hill. I don’t know anybody besides one family that lives in my neighborhood! And there are more than 20 houses in my neighborhood! How sad is that?

Community. Its missing. Its how mass murders, thieves, cheats, creeps and the like can thrive. The moment we shut up and actually start doing things is when we can actually make a difference. That is when we can fix or at least start fixing all the social problems of our time.

Now this message is also for myself. I struggle with just hopping on facebook or settling for texts when I could have actual conversations face to face or calling (that IS what the phone was invented for). But c’mon guys! Let’s step it up a bit.


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I’ve been in a rotten mood the past couple days. Call it being worn out, call it past scars reopened. I’ve just been insufferable. If I could have dug a hole and stuck my head in it I would have.

So today I declared a holiday and hid in my room all day. I’m still in here now. (hee hee). So I drew for a bit, read, came out for an hour to bake cookies, and listened to music and painted with water colors.

Water colors are truly a unique substance. They are unlike any other artist substance I know. Unlike oil, acrylic, ink paints they do not actually cover up everything truly. Not even the black watercolor. What they do is put a film over it. So if I drew with a pencil on it, then painted over the pencil, you would still see the pencil marks. And while I was painting, my bad mood slowly drifted out of me.

Now onto the secret wars. Someone didn’t honor an arrangement and that set me off. This is no secret. But you can tell when someone is masking a bad mood. Try as they might to put a smile over it, you can still see the brooding beneath.

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