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After the long trek back from Wisconsin my dear friend Alex wanted to try on her wedding dress that is hanging in my room. (My mom is doing the alterations for her).

And while she was trying it on again and I was following her around, holding the train. Which was rather fun I must admit,  she looks so beautiful in her dress. Anyway, I got to thinking, and a part of me remembered back from when I was young and how often marriage was the topic of play. There we stood, the older versions of those little girls and it wasn’t play anymore. It was real. Alex has found her prince charming and I am still fiercely single.
We didn’t know each other when we were little, but every little girl plays the same game. The only thing that really changes is her taste in the guy, what his name should be, what he should look like, and how and what he saved her from and then where they get married.

It was a moment worth remembering. When dreams become a reality. 4 months count down.


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