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So I attend a Christian college, I am an avid follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. Today a lady spoke in chapel and she asked us to raise our hand if we wanted to commit to praying daily for the summer, out of the entire auditorium full only maybe a 15th of us raised our hands. out of 200 only 20 of us. (yes I am horrible at math)
We are a Christian campus, many if not practically all of my comrades say they love Christ. Really. Then why in the world do only a select few of us want to talk to Him daily?
That’s right. Prayer is just a fancy word for talking to God. Repentance is a fancy word for saying you are sorry and meaning it (meaning you wont try to do so again).  Grace is grace something we cannot earn and ONLY 20 OF US WANT TO CHAT WITH GOD?! The Creator of everything perfect, good, pure, and lovely. The One who if we follow Him He will lead us to peace, eternity and goodness. He will be out strong tower in times of trouble. He is the best thing that could possibly happen to us and only a few of us want to talk to Him??
If you love someone you want to talk to them, be with them, love them, acts of affection and everything. Same with God. He is personal.

Here ends my rants.


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The First Post

Hello to the world of blogging!

I have often thought about chronicling what happens in my life. And today, while I am home sick trying to watch boring movies in hopes that they will put me to sleep, I ended up watching Julie and Julia. And since I have nothing else to do I finally decided to create a blog.

First random weird thing of the day is for no apparent reason what so ever I woke up and my right eye was unable to open. It had crusted shut with what felt like a booger and upon cleaning it out I made another discovery that the right side of my face is also swollen. It has now been about 4 hours since I woke up and sad to say I still look puffy. Kind of like a half deflated balloon after being set aside for a month. Anyway, that is what I tend to call a “Katie Moment”. I have had them all my life, but in college they seem to occur more often.

Like this past November when we had our first snow fall. I was walking back from class and a guy was walking to class (in college, imagine that!) Well, you know that kind of awkward moment when you both decide to acknowledge that there is a person passing you by so you lock eyes for just that one quick second? Well in that second I managed to get a snowflake in my eye so it looked like I was winking at him (in pain, I might add) as we passed eachother. Brilliant.

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